Sale tops at TAOW 2nd Edition

Sale wins TAOW

The italian electro-dancer Sale of Rootless Crew, achieved a strong win in The Art Our Way 2nd Edition, and electro contest held in Aosta (Italy).

The tournament, organized by Aosta Free Moves in a wonderful place surrounded by the Alps, showed a good level by the italian dancers and also by the foreigners considering the excellent performance by the french Stouny (2nd classified) who is continuing his dance development in a optimal mode.

Here the results:

Cat. Electro

Winner: Sale / Finalist: Stouny

Cat. Allstyle

Winner: Skash / Finalist: Denox

Cat. Allstyle Under 13

Winner: Ilaria / Finalist: Justin



First Round
Sale vs. Leo = Sale
Lucas vs. Gabri = Lucas
Skash vs. Melo = Melo
Jaco vs. Matte = Matte
Dela vs. Matt = Dela
Denox vs. Oxy = Denox
Anaelle vs. Bloody = Anaelle
Ben vs. Alessia = Ben
Beat vs. Fede = Beat
Nabil vs. Venzi = Nabil
Fiona vs. Leman = Leman
Rachel vs. Marina = Rachel
Ironbilly vs. Rami = Ironbilly
Stouny vs. Alex = Stouny
Raoul vs. Dabitz = Raoul
Brex vs. David = Brex

1/8 Finals
Sale vs. Lucas = Sale
Melo vs. Matte = Melo
Dela vs. Denox = Denox
Anaelle vs. Ben = Ben
Beat vs. Nabil = Beat
Leman vs. Rachel = Rachel
Ironbilly vs. Stouny = Stouny
Raoul vs. Brex = Brex (Raoul win due to Brex withdraw)

1/4 Finals
Sale vs. Melo = Sale
Denox vs. Ben = Ben
Beat vs. Rachel = Rachel
Stouny vs. Raoul = Stouny

Sale vs. Ben = Sale
Rachel vs Stouny = Stouny

Sale vs. Stouny = Sale



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