Move&Prove announces program and 3×3 category

Acid Party at Move & Prove
Acid Party at Move & Prove

Move&Prove organization just announced the program of the International event this December. In the infos we can see an interesting “Showing the movie” and a new tweak at the Crew vs. Crew category which is now a 3 vs. 3 battle instead of the 5 vs. 5. Also a cat. E-Stylez appears above 1vs1 Top16, E-Girls, Beginners, Kids and the Total 1vs1.

Three different parties during the weekend, with the 2nd edition of the amazing Acid Party this year on the Saturday night. The workshops and the selection day will be as always on Saturday and the finals on Sunday. The program still preliminary.

Move&Prove International will take place in Saint Petersburg (Russia) during 1-3 December.

Preliminary program of the festival
(*red marker for the contest related activities)

30th of November
– General training for visitors and locals to share experiences

1st of December
– Showing the movie (the name of which we should keep in a secret)
– warm up party

2nd of December
– Workshops
– Acid party vol.2

3rd of December
– Afterparty

– 3×3 Crew
– 1×1 Top 16 International
– 1×1 E-Stylez
– 1×1 E-Girls
– 1×1 Total
– 1×1 Beginners
– 1×1 Kids

Selection all nominations and some battles will be held on 2nd of December. Participation is possible in only one solo category. Information about cost, registration and regulations will appear in the near future.

Source: Move&Prove International


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