Mixer starts his South-American tour in Perù

Bazan and Mixer in Perù
Bazan (War of Electro & Vertifight Perù organizer) and Mixer (Mexican eboy) in Perù

The Mexican e-boy Mixer arrived in Perù for the Vertifight Perù x War of Electro of this Sunday, where he will be judge with Vila and Nath in the 1 vs. 1 Electro Dance contest.

This is just the first stage for Mixer in South America, he will return later in November for Check my Electro in Colombia, always as part of the jury.

For this weekend is already waited the Knock-Out of Mixer versus the Peruvian champion Alessi, it will surely be a hot moment of this tournament.

The winner of this contest will get help for found his trip to Mexico at the 2018 War of Electro finals.

Link Vertifight Perù x War of Electro

Link Check my Electro Colombia

K.O. artwork Alessi vs. Mixer
K.O. artwork Alessi vs. Mixer
Event Banner Vertifight Perù
Event Banner Vertifight Perù
Mixer on Facebook
Mixer message for the Peruvian dancers “Are you ready? I Hope you are training because it will be hot”


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