New Blanca Li’s show already on stage !

Elektrik the new electro show by Blanca Li
Elektrik the new electro show by Blanca Li - Crédit photo : ©Magali Bragard

The new electro-dance show “Elektrick” made by the famous choreographer Blanca Li, is already on stage in France.

“Elektrik”, a cheery and offbeat creation in which Blanca Li showcases the power and positive energy of electro dancing. This is the main description of this new show from the Blanca Li website.

The show made his premiere play in France at MAC de Créteil in December 12th.

7 years after the first theatre show “Elektro-Kif” and 2 years after the screenplay of the movie “Elektro Mathematrix”, Blanca Li is ready to show in the best cities of the World the highest quality of Electro dance, “Electro has retained its tremendous power, its vibrant, positive energy, while enriching its language and the spectrum of its possibilities … Electro today is irresistible “ she told on the announcement of this new show.

The dancers featured in “Elektrik” in the first 2017-2018 dates will be:
Khaled Abdulahi alias CERIZZ
Mamadou Bathily alias BATS (Electro Street)
Roger Bepet alias BIG JAY (Alliance Crew)
Taylor Château alias TAYLOR (Electro Street)
Jérôme Fidelin alias GOKU (Rythmik)
Slate Hemedi alias CRAZY
 (Alliance Crew)
Romain Guillermic alias SKIPS
 (Electro Street)
Adrien Larrazet alias VEXUS
 (Alliance Crew)
Alou Sidibe alias KYRRA (Electro Street)

An excellent selection of the best dancers available in France from the best teams of the country. Now the absence of most of this dancers in the last Move&Prove World Finals are finally justified by the involvement in this show, that required a super-preparation in particular during the days where many of their colleagues were in Saint-Petersburg for the World Finals.

Dates in France, Switzerland and Spain are already confirmed and available on the Blanca Li’s website, you can check everything about the show and tour here.

Dates of the show

20 December 2017
Le Pin Galant
Mérignac / France

27 December 2017
Madrid / Spain

23 January 2018
Yzeure / France

25 January 2018
La 2Deuche
Lempdes / France

30 January 2018
(and 31 january)
Théâtre Jean Vilar
Suresnes / France

02 February 2018
Bulle / Switzerland

03 February 2018
Théâtre du Beausobre
Morges / Switzerland

08 February 2018
Centre culturel Charlie Chaplin
Vaulx-en-Velin / France

27 March 2018
(Jusqu’au 14 avril)
Théâtre du 13ème Art
Paris / France

05 May 2018
Centre Culturel Phenix
Outreau / France

Crédit photo : ©Magali Bragard


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