Italian e-boys shines in Juste Debout Experimental qualify

Sale at Juste Debout Italy Qualifying round
Picture Credit: Juste Debout Italy - Sale at Juste Debout Italy Qualifying round

A lot of Italy’s e-boys took part in the Italian qualifying round of Juste Debout 2018, held in Bologne last weekend.

Sale from Rootless Crew achieved the best result, conquering the Top8 in the Experimental category for the famous French contest, that will take place next 4th March in Paris.

Also, other Italians as Drew , Cisky, Leman, Simon, Lucas and Venzi made a nice performance in this qualification round. Great to see also Nico, who is recovering from the leg injury he suffered few days before Move&Prove World Finals.

In conclusion, a great general performance by the e-dancers of Italy, also because they are showing electro dance in front of people from other dance cultures. Last year in the Juste Debout finals, the Electro was shown in a fabulous Show by a team composed of the best French dancers plus Nico. Let’s see if this year e-culture will take a good spotlight as well.

Infos about Juste Debout finals here.


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