Electro entertains Game of Style in Brescia

Simon during his freestyle at Boombox club
Simon during his freestyle at Boombox club

Just a couple of weeks ago, a dance-show party called “Game of Style” took place in the town of Brescia (Italy). Organized at “Boombox” club, the event staff invited some electro-dancers to entertain the people came for the party.

Rootless Crew made a freestyle show with Sale, Beat, Simon and Nico who came back in the same place where he broke his knee three months ago during an Experimental contest.

At the same night, the 2016 Vertifight World Champion made also a solo show, giving an amazing show to the spectator.

Drew also danced during the party together with Buebos, a strange and original concept by them who started the show without music before concluding it with a nice sound. They assert it was a total freestyle performance.

We have also some more exclusive videos from that night and will be soon available on our network.


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