Spear Tournament VIII main flyer
Spear Tournament VIII main flyer

This Saturday will be time for the 8th edition of Spear Tournament. The event organised by the famous Alliance Crew of Paris is going to be very exciting starting from the jury.

Skips, from Electro Street crew, is confirmed as judge together with Milliard (Rythmik) and Glyslein Lefever (Blanca Li). The French Dj Sinay will play the music during the day.

The tournament is composed of three categories:

  • Kika Sensei, a Pro 1 vs 1 battle Electro;
  • Kika Chuunin, a 1 vs 1 battle Electro for beginners;
  • KikaChifumi, a contest of Shifumie the game of Electro culture that is becoming very popular everywhere;

An important coverage of the event is expected from Streetiz, the main reporter of Electro dance in France. Electroisthefuture will be at the event in Paris and a lot of live updates from the Spear Tournament will be available through our website and social media (Facebook & Instagram).





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