LIVE updates from Spear Tournament 8 in Paris

Hello everyone, here you cam follow the live updates service for the 8th Spear Tournament with on place reporting by Electroisthefuture.

The tournament is expected to begin at La Villette between 12.00 & 14.00 local time (CET). Three categories: Electro 1vs1 Sensei (Pro), Chuninn (Beginners) and Kilashifumi.

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LIVE UPDATES (refresh page for new content)

13.22 – dancers starting to register, tournament to start in the next hour

13.28 – Streetiz livestream is already available here:

13.32 – Few minutes maybe for some action

13.37 – Jury is here, almost ready to start

13.50 – some kids on stage, today also beginners 1vs1 (Chuninn tournament)

13.51- In 5 minutes preselection KikaChuninn then Sensei and then KikaShifumie

13.59 – New livestream by Streetiz here

14.00 – Some big names on the list already, others to come

14.03 – here our jury

14.06 – From NewYork Aarays back in France after his appearance in VertiWorld 2011

14.10 – KikaChuninn started

14.52-Preselection 1vs1 ended, you can find lives replay on Facebook and Instagram

14.54 – Now KikaChifumie

15.12 – Shifumie continues

15.14 – A long cue for this tournament, some are already qualified to the final stage

15.20 – Group stage started for Electro

15.28 – in fact was a part of preselection

15.30 – they are announcing the qualified, miel ikoms herve lenoble are some of them

15.31 – now battles for the KikaChuninn

15.55 – Waiting the Sensei the battles starts to be hot !

16.06 – KikaChuninn just finished, next is KikaSensei (Pro 1vs1)

16.12 – Edancers are choosing blind numbers for the battles pool

16.20 – 4 groups of 4 dancers each in the final stage

16.47 – Miel winning all battles of his group, now group b follow live on Facebook

17.15 – Gruppo b terminated, Neutron in good shape, now group c

18.03 – After the groups some extra battle for last qualifications

18.08 – now chuninn 1/4 finals


18.24 – Chuninn battles already to the final, now miel v fabien, soniah vs yoda

18.36 – Miel and Soniah won, Neutron won – now junior v le h

18.40 – le h won now soniah miel

19.32 – Final was Miel vs H and Miel won it, a very quick end of the tournament without judges demo.


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