News and freestyles from France

DJ Armee for Culture BPM
DJ Armee to play the music for Culture BPM afterwork happy hour

Big news in the France community: after months of silence, Steady (the former Vertifight World staff manager) announced on Facebook an Electro dance conference in Paris, a good sign for the French movement who is very active in these months.

Conference Electro announcement by Steady
Conference Electro announcement by Steady

After the Monday announcement of Le Mood with the Boma Mutu battle, LRC announced a new Afterwork Culture BPM happy hour in Paris with DJ Armee in the place. It will be the last performance for the Italian DJ before coming to Italy next month for the TAOW International contest.

Always about Life Round Contest’s organisation, we would like to recommend you to watch these freestyles from the LRC night party.

To conclude this situation update from the French side of Electro culture, recently the Electro Street crew (Fiasco, Skips, Kyrra, Bats and Taylor) went to Cannes for the famous motion pictures Festival as part of the cast of the Gaspar Noè‘s new movie “Climax” which will be on theatres from next September. We will wrote a dedicated story about it in the next few weeks.



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