Climax gets 91% audience score on first reviews

Climax by Gaspar Noe - now out in Theatres
Climax by Gaspar Noe - now out in Theatres

Challenging, orgiastic, visually extraordinary, formally audacious, psychedelic ride. Everything has said about the Gaspar Noe’s movie “Climax”, a film announced at the Cannes Film Festival which features some Electro dancers from French team Electro Street.

Just a few weeks after his premiere in the French theatres, the movie reached a fresh appreciation by the viewers. The popular movie-review website Rotten Tomatoes gives a 7.6/10 average rating to the film with a 91% audience score: “Challenging and rewarding in equal measure, Climax captures writer-director Gaspar Noé working near his technically brilliant and visually distinctive peak.” writes about Climax.

Electro Street eboys at the presentation of Climax on September 19th

A lot are the reviews made on this movie by the critic, and we can quote The Guardian who said: “The new film from the Irrevérsible director is a woozy, Day-Glo horror story of a dance troupe who drink alcohol spiked with LSD”. At the same time, one of the best Critics on RT who writes: “Even with its morbid finale, Climax implies that the dangerous party’s never really over, and the dance never really ends.”

By the way, for us, it has been a colossal public appearance for some top Electro boys who finally reached the famous “big-screen” in France and abroad. Recently, Climax was displayed at the Milan Film Festival in Italy. 

Climax’s trailer

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