Preview LRC World – Time for a new Champion Team

LRC World Festival 26-27-28 October 2018 in Paris
LRC World Festival 26-27-28 October 2018 in Paris

Considering the World Championships held in Paris (France), the Electro community is waiting since October 2016 for a new Team to be crowned as World Champion of Electro dance.

LRC World Festival will be finally the Team vs Team competition to be much similar to a global contest of groups, the first since the latest Vertifight World won by Alliance Crew.

The rumours say Electro Street, Rk, Alliance, C4, Lakro Electro and Amnesia are waited as French teams for this Championship, while few countries as Romania, Spain and Russia are ready to register a Team for this event.

8PEM (Mexico) in a team choreo during 2015 Vertifight World

As always, LRC is not just Team vs Team, is also 1 vs 1 and here the competition is higher as ever with even a lot of Moroccan, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Ukranian, American and other more dancers are expected​ in the list.

In addition, the Move&Prove France Cypher on Saturday will make the things very spicy, with a totally parallel event placed in the break day between the preselections and the finals of Life’s Round Contest.

Here the program of the weekend:

Thursday 25th October


Friday 26th October

11.00 – Workshops by Nico / Rootless & Goku / RK

17.00 – LRC World Festival – Qualification Day

Saturday 27th October

12.00 – LRC World Festival – Conference Electro
14.00 – Move&Prove Cypher France

Sunday 28th October

13.00 – LRC World Festival – Semifinals, Finals and Teams Championship

22.00 – After Party LRC


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