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There’s Electro applied to Figure Skating in Courmayeur

Figure Skating athletes in Courmayeur (Italy) adding Electro skills to their artistic performance

Sometimes we talked about Electro as a dance which can also be used by other dance styles to improve their performance, but today this concept took a totally different approach.

In Courmayeur (Italy), the Ice Skating Club needed something new to keep trained their young talents during the summer break, that’s why they looked to the Aosta Free Moves dance school.

Adrian Frunza teaching Electro basics to Figure Skating girls

So, Adrian Frunza aka eboy Fru, started weekly classes in their Courmayeur’s structure teaching to the Figure Skating athletes the basics Electro dance skills. The result is just like magic, the artistic movements of skating merged with the dynamic arms-movements of Electro.

Fru during TAOW 2018 in Aosta (Italy)

The Fru’s lessons will continue for all the summer, as this collaboration opens new doors in the Electro dance panorama for the future.

Fru on Instagram

Courmayeur Skating Club on Instagram

Here below you can see a “first try” during their Skating training session, it says “Trying to add some arms”.

Fikze wins El Templo 2019, TOP16 in Tijuana announced

Las weekend in Mexico, Fikze got the victory in the category Guerrero Electro 1vs1 during the battle “El Templo” organized by DUMX in Culiacan.

Just after the event, Moxtox (Electro organizer in Mexico) announced the date of the next TOP16 International in Tijuana: it will take place on Saturday 26th October of this year. All the best eboys and egirls of Mexico will attend the most “cult” electro event of the country. Also, an Open Style category will be featured during the same day.

Summer Mood sets prog​ram for August camp

Summer Mood 2019 main artwork

The organization “Le Mood” announced the details of their Summer Camp in Saint-Denis (Paris, France). The Electro’s and Experimental’s Festival will take place from August 23rd until the 25th and will include Workshops for beginners and advanced levels, Conferences, Jams, Parties, Battles and also a Cruise from Paris to Saint-Denis!

Summer Mood battle judges

Mariana, Goku and Lil Sniper will be the judges for the Sunday’s battle, which will consist in an Experimental 1vs1 and an Electro 1vs1 (Beginners and Top32 categories). For the Electro TOP32, are invited as guest Roman (Mexico), Chiho (Japan), Hamza (Morocco), Kaiz (Mongolia) and Matte (Romania).

Summer Mood cruise dj Set

For the Workshops, Miel (main mind and organizer of this Festival) will take care of the beginners, while Laura Nala, Goku and Sweet are going to be the teachers for the advance classes.

The full program of Summer Mood
(location of all activities will be Le 6b, 6-10 quai de Seine 93200 Saint-Denis)

Friday 23rd August

10H-12H : Beginners electro (MIEL)
14H30-19H : Advanced (LAURA NALA/GOKU/SWEET)
💸 15€/class ⎮ 5€ under 16 y age⎮ PROMO : 30€ all 3 classes

the evolution of electro dance around the world”

21H-23H30 : JAM BARBECUE 🍽

Saturday 24th August

14H-18H Preselections :
– 1vs1 electro Top 32 / 1vs1 experimental Top 16 / 1vs1 Beginners Electro /
💸 5€/ each category


22H-01H : MOOD Funky Party🎉
💸 5€

Sunday 25th August

12H-14H30 : Mood cruise (Paris Stalingrad – le 6b)🛳
💸 15€

15H-20H : BATTLE
💸 10€ Public

For any info and reservation you can directly contact the organization at lemood.xp@gmail.com

Electroisthefuture presents FRUNDERGROUND#2

Shotted last month in Paris, Electroisthefuture is glad to publish a new Electro dance video clip made with the Italian eboy Fru (Aosta Free Moves).

Under the night lights of Tour Eiffel, this new creation is available directly on our Facebook timeline and also Andrian Frunza’s Instagram and Edit By Antony’s YouTube channel.

Is the first of our three works made in France in June, the reportages from Boma Mutu #2 and Ultimate Spear Tournament will follow later this week.

A Worldwide schedule is now available on Electroisthefuture.com

Since earlier this week, Electroisthefuture.com integrated on the website a cool worldwide schedule with all the main Electro events all around the World from the Americas to Europe and Russia. We will work to keep this schedule as update as possible, finding all the events and activities with details and direct link for the best information.

The Worldwide schedule, which you can find always at the right of this website is available at the following link.


First events on the spotlight this week are an Electro Workshop in Argentina and the Punch Out 5 battle in Mexico.

Aosta Free Moves launches new videoclip

Zanna & Fru video by Visual Chimera Studio
Zanna & Fru video by Visual Chimera Studio

Fresh from their recent trip to Paris during the “super weekend” with Boma Mutu and Spear Ultimate, a new IGTV clip from Aosta Free Moves’ duo Zanna & Fru stormed the web today, let’s have a watch to their new choreography by the Italian squad.

The video, realized by Visual Chimera Studio is now available on YouTube at the following link.

We can also announce that a new Electroisthefuture’s video with Fru will be available next week right from the heart of Paris. Stay tuned…


Annuale Mensile Settimanale Giornaliero Lista
Ottobre 2019
Nessun evento trovato!

A super Electro-weekend in France with Boma Mutu and Spear Ultimate

Boma Mutu #2 - Saturday 15 June - Paris
Boma Mutu #2 - Saturday 15 June - Paris

The next week will be a super week for the French electro-community: in Paris are going to be organized two big events, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Boma Mutu will return with the 2nd edition on Saturday at FGO Barbara: four new generation guests (Ainhoa, Firzo, Rachel, Yoda) and four old generation guest (Crazy, Milliard, Treaxy, Zanna) have been already confirmed together with the Dj Rough and MC Ablaye, while Filfrap, SkipsSoniah will be the judges of the competition.

Details about the event can be found here.

Zanna, Treaxy, Crazy and Milliard - Boma Mutu #2 - Saturday 15 June - Paris Ainhoa, Rachel, Firzo, Yoda - Boma Mutu #2 - Saturday 15 June - Paris

On Sunday will be time for the Ultimate Spear Tournament, a special edition of the famous Alliance Crew’s championship which will see battle each other all the Champions of the previous editions. A real Ultimate challenge between Big Jay, Goku, Miel, Milliard, Naim, Nico, Taylor, and Theo Landji.

Ultimate Spear Tournament - Sunday 16th June - Paris
Ultimate Spear Tournament – Sunday 16th June – Paris

Electroisthefuture.com will follow both tournaments live next 15th and 16th June.



Listening Electro voices and movement’s talks

5pooky in latest Roman's podcast on YouTube
5pooky in latest Roman's podcast on YouTube

Roman Zuikin, an Electro dancer living in Phuket (Thailand) started a couple of months ago a new project on YouTube. He set-up a collection of video-conference interviews were some Electro characters talked about their movement, their story and the crucial point of today’s dance issues in their countries.

Roman, already interviewed e-people like the Japanese e-girl Chiho who talked about her learning path in France, Doza from Canada who explained how Electro made himself a dancer and the difficulties of being an eboy in a city where you are practically alone, or Matte from Romania who talked about his many trips in the e-community and his projects as teacher in Timișoara and he also recently interviewed 5pooky from Guatemala.

In these podcasts, you can find a clear question & answer schedule between Roman and the dancer, something new in our community which can help everyone to better understand what is happening around our battles and activities, things that are easily overshadowed by the competition fever.

You can find the podcasts, right in this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMoFor5s7s9h7HCqxPqoaZg

If you want to know more about Romain Zuiki story, here you can find his personal video presentation.

In the next weeks, Electroisthefuture.com will try to review all the single podcasts with some highlights of the main facts discussed. For the moment, have a nice watch!

Only4Electro realized first contest edition in Paris

Taylor and Sale, the finalist of Only4Electro with judges, organizers and speakers after the last battle.
Taylor and Sale, the finalist of Only4Electro with judges, organizers and speakers after the last battle.

Taylor from Electro Street crew has won the first edition of Only4Electro contest. The French eboy has shown an amazing performance during the final versus the Italian eboy Sale (Rootless Crew) from Turin.

Lot of guest dancers made the field for this contest, organised by Cerizz and Kyrra, two eboys from different teams (Rk and Street) of the French electro community. The event took place at EP7 in Paris (France).

Regis, Physs and Milliard were judges of the event, with Bats and H as Djs and Crazy as official speaker.

Words from the organization after the contest: “Amazing event, for a first edition, the result exceeded all our expectations, whether the audience, the dancers, the speaker, the DJ’s through our partners, the show was incredible! I wanted to thank you all for your energy, your feeling and your passion!”

Here the recap of the event edit by Fabien Mamer.

Next event in Paris will be Boma Mutu on Saturday 15th June, just a day before Spear Tournament.

Here below you can find the final Taylor vs. Sale, have a nice watch with their Electro.

For more info about Only4Electro, check their Facebook and Instagram pages.