Goku set first 2019 win at Le Mood #2

Goku winning Le Mood #2 contest Electro
Goku winning Le Mood #2 contest Electro

Goku (Rythmik Crew) wins the first Electro dance tournament of year 2019, concretizing a victory versus Neutron at Le Mood Contest #2 in Paris.

Here a little teaser of the event released by Streetiz.

In the next few days, videos will be available. Meanwhile, have a look to the amazing demo Goku and Treaxy made for the Move&Prove International last month in Saint Petersburg.

Electro Street achieve total domination in Move&Prove

From left to right, Treaxy, Skips, Goku, Taylor and Banzai
From left to right, Treaxy, Skips, Goku, Taylor and Banzai

The Electro Street crew won totally all the categories where they were registered in the 2018 Move&Prove International Finals.

Champions 3vs3 with Bats/Skips/Taylor winning on Rythmik (Cerizz/Fabien/Milliard), winner 1vs1 with Skips after the final vs. his team-mate Taylor and also the Fiasco’s victory in 1vs1 Total vs. the French-Japanese rising star Chiho.

Chiho, after the win in LRC also took an incredible achievement winning the Beginners category in Saint-Petersburg, what an incredible month for her. 

Impressive performance by the Mexican eboy Roman, the Guadalajara dancer lost in semi-final versus Skips after an extra round. Shocking battle the first one of Singa vs. the Paris’ Cypher champion Nico, the Russian won directly after the one minute round, leaving the Italian in the rare situation of being out of the tournament at the start. 

Nice show by the public of Move&Prove, in particular during 3vs3 when the team of E-Rave (with 2 kids involved) won the battle vs. CH/Myax/Singa. Myax also asked a 1000% vs. Skips, but due to logistic problems, and the request to do it after the tournament, there was not enough time to do it before the end of the day. 

This result in the Move&Prove showed a total dominance by the French Electro who won everything available, considering the all-France final in LRC World, has been a year of dominance for the born-country of Electro culture. 

Now, with few events left in December, the International arena of Electro dance closes the 2018 book.

Interviews and videos of the battles will be available in the next few days on our website.

Electro Street workshop heads to the final day of MP18

Electro Street workshop in Saint Petersburg
Electro Street workshop in Saint Petersburg

Electro Street’s workshop in Saint-Petersburg saw a lot of dancers coming from Russia and abroad, with approximately 60 people attending it.

Skips, Bats, Fiasco and Taylor gave the masterclass teaching a choreography to the students. 

This workshops is just the beginning of the final day in Saint Petersburg with the Move&Prove World Finals ready to start in the afternoon, where the E.Street will also join the pack in 1vs1 and 3vs3 categories.

Follow Electroisthefuture Instagram and Facebook for live updates today. For the moment take a look at the pictures of the Masterclass. 

Goku’s workshop opens 2nd day in Saint-Petersburg

Goku in his workshops during Move&Prove 2018
Goku in his workshops during Move&Prove 2018

Second day of activities for Move&Prove International Finals, today started with Goku’s masterclass in Saint Petersburg. The French eboy taught very important tools for dancing Electro and also other styles like Krump.

Great passion showed by the RK’s dancer during his class, with a lot of advices given to the students. He made a choreography, asking the dancers to do it like a superhero character. 

In the afternoon, the preselection for all the categories will take place in the Baltic city.

Here you can look some photos of the Workshop.

Move&Prove Weekend starts with Cerizz/Milliard workshop

Cerizz giving Masterclass to Russian students in Saint Petersburg
Cerizz giving Masterclass to Russian students in Saint Petersburg

Due to some travel issue for Alliance Crew’s dancer Crazy, Milliard is joining today Cerizz on the first Workshop of Move&Prove International 2018. Here you can find some photos of this first masterclass were fundamentals moves of Electro are taught by the French eboys to around 30 partecipants.

Tomorrow will be time for Goku’s workshops, then on Sunday Electro Street crew will give a lesson. 

Tonight the first party of the weekend, the Intro, also a chance to make Electro conference and lessons.

For live news/pictures/videos follow our social pages on Instagram stories and Facebook.

Tied victory in Battle Arena Master, MP announce workshops

From left to right, Nico (Rootless / Italy), Arif (C4 / France) and Hamza Ask (Morocco)
From left to right, Nico (Rootless / Italy), Arif (C4 / France) and Hamza Ask (Morocco)

The Battle Arena Master in Paris had an unexpected ending, with the organisation bound to scrap the final battle Nico vs. Hamza Ask due to logistic reasons. This means there’s a tied win with both the Italian and the Moroccan winning this edition of the French contest. The Beginners category was won by Oward from Toulouse.

Meanwhile, the Russian organization of Move&Prove published the details for the 2018 International Finals, in particular, the rich program of the Workshops with many artists from France coming to take lessons in Saint-Petersburg.

On Friday 30th November, Cerizz from RK and Crazy from Alliance Crew will give the first workshop of the week, continuing on Saturday with Goku (RK) and on Sunday concluding with the Electro Street crew. 

For registration and details see Move&Prove social pages on VK and Facebook.

Electroisthefuture co-produce videos of Move&Prove Cypher France

Nico during battles vs. Milliard in Move&Prove Cypher France
Nico during battles vs. Milliard in Move&Prove Cypher France [Photo by Ivan Oliver]

Thanks to a big and essential collaboration, Electroisthefuture has co-produced the videos of Move&Prove Cypher France battles.

The Move&Prove organisation started this week to publish the videos of Finals, beginning with the Electro Pro battle of Nico versus Milliard, where two cameras, one from the Spanish film-maker of Shuffle Showcase and one from our Electroisthefuture official coverage.

In the next days also the other battles will be available online on Move&Prove social pages. For now, you can enjoy this Electro clash between Rootless and RK.

Maxone wins MP’s Moscow Cypher

Maxone, eboy from Russia
Maxone, eboy from Russia

The Russian eboy Maxone, just won the Move&Prove Moscow Cypher, guaranteeing himself the qualification to the International Finals TOP16 in December.

He defeated Seed in the final battle of the tournament, while Dry won over Shpuntik in the Beginners’ contest. Also Kids and E-Stylez tournament took place during the day. 

Maxone is the second eboy qualified for the final stage, after Nico’s victory in the Paris’ Cypher last month. Move&Prove International Finals will be held in Saint-Petersburg next 2nd December, with qualifications to take place the day before.

Game of Electhrones shines in Barcelona

Winners in Game of Electhrones 2018 edition

Ninja, Samurai, Valkiria are just some of the amazing names in the annual edition of the Game of Electhrones, the Barcelona’s Electro tournament organized by ElectroHope association.

This year the Anteiku team, fresh from the semifinal obtained during LRC World Festival in Paris, shined with Namiac, Axxon and Electrick winning 4 of the 7 categories available in that edition of the contest.

Here you can find the full results and the first video published, the final of Padawan (Beginners Electro) between Bipo, Chileno and Xhufflis.


Berserk (1vs1 Pro): Namiac

Hero (Style contest): Electrick

Ninja (Allstyle 1vs1): Electrick

Samurai (Originality contest): Axxon

Padawan (Beginner): Bipo

Valkiria (Female Electro): Bipo

Shuffle: Chileno

Padawan Final

Enjoy the LRC World’s videos of Finals on the web

[Photo by Ivan Oliver] The LRC World Festival celebrations after Team vs Team final
[Photo by Ivan Oliver] The LRC World Festival celebrations after Team vs Team final

Since the start of this week, all the Electro finals of the latest Life’s Round Contest World Festival are available on YouTube and Facebook platforms, specifically on Jimmy Medina’s channel and The LRC official page.

You can now see entirely the moments of Chiho vs. Soniah (final Equeens), Theo vs. Daka (final Beginners), Sale vs. Milliard (final Electro Pro) and the main event Alliance Crew vs. Electro Street (Teams vs Team final).

Here below all the videos

We also remember you Electro Street’s fresh interview taken just after their victory is available on our Facebook page and here below.

Last, but not least, this beautiful teaser made by Streetiz, have a nice watch!

Cover photo of this article is made by Ivan Oliver, you can find all his work right here @ivanolivermedia