Follow Move&Prove World Finals live as it happens


It’s the final day of Move&Prove World Finals 2017, today 6 categories will dance for the title in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

The categories:

– Kids

– Beginners

– EGirls

– EStyles

– Top16 1×1

– Total (7toSmoke)

– 3vs3 (russian mode)

Our channels for live are this page, our Instagram stories and our Facebook. Enjoy this day of Electro.

16.07 – Freestyles cypher while we wait the first battles of the day.

16.10 – kids semifinals underway

16.17 – now beginners semifinal

16.23 – good vibes in Teenga vs Douglas semifinal

16.24 and douglas win

16.25 now time for kids final

16.29 – Marina wins Kids final, now Douglas vs Spuntik as beginners final

16.36 – Spuntik wins beginners

16.40 – they choosed the battles for Egirls, one hot will be Eva vs Sairento

16.53 – Eva won vs Sairento, now extra round Puzhlivaya vs Mouse

16.57 – Mouse won the battle, niw the last egirls 1/4 final

17.11 eva wins after extra, bahaa wins too , now total

17.14 – dancers ready for 7tosmoke

17.54 – Cassol won Total 7toSmoke

17.55 – Eva won Egirls final

18.09 – Recap as now

– Malina won Kids

– Shpuntik won Beginners

– Eva won E-Girls

– Kasson won Total 7toSmoke

Will follow Top16 and 3vs3

18.33 – Myax and Xose just performed a special show

18.34 – now draw top16

Milliard v Xose

SG vs S

Leon vs Pulga

Spike vs Valek

Ph Vs Ikoms

Loony vs Rozen

18.37 – first battle is xose v milliard

18.45 – xose won milliard

18.47 – Singa win vs sg

19.00 – ch win, pulga win and valek win

19.11 – loony won v rozen , ikoms won

19.15 – Pancha won vs myax, now E-Styles an allstyle on electro music

19.16 – recap winners top16 1/8 finals









19.18 – now Estyles 1/4 finals underway

19.40 – Estyle fast to semifinal, the cypher is really huge here in Russia

20.08 – 3vs3 underway, super battle nice4eyez vs krasnodar

20.27 – strange but nice system for this 3vs3, its a chase from 3v3 to 2v2 to 1v1

20.40 – the 3v3 continues next battle soon

21.20 – super super battle russia v spain v mongolia, after 20 mins of battle the russian E-rave won it vs elecktrick

21.36 – break before the top16 1/4 finals

21.46 – soon demo du jury

21.59 – WOOW supeer demo by the judges, now xose v singa

22.11 – first semi singa vs ch then loony vs valek

22.25 – Final top16 is Singa vs Valek, wonderful semifinals. After the 2016 glory, the west countries this year had nothing to do with Russia.

22.32 – after a show, now the tournaments continues with the EStyles final

22.47 – final estyles ended, now just top16 and 3v3 remains

22.49 – now 3v3 armageddon finale

23.08 – Myax won an amazing 3v3 with final battle versus Loony boy

23.10 – Now is the time; The FINAL!!!

Valek vs Singa

23.22 – Singa won vs Valek and is 2017 CHAMPION!!!

thanks for joining us, was an amazing event. Next step: 2018!


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