Myax: “Healthy style and karate gives me this energy”

Myax during Move&Prove 3vs3 final
Myax during Move&Prove 3vs3 final

Myax, the young electro-dancer from Krasnodar, who won the 3vs3 tournament with Valek and Leon in the Move&Prove World Finals, reached our microphone during the event in Russia.

“My energy come from a healthy lifestyle,” the Russian told when we asked about his strong performance showed during the rounds of the 3vs3 contest, “I eat healthy food, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t use drugs,” he told us.

The style and the agility of the Krasnodar’s eboy it’s a clear picture of an important knowledge in martial arts, as Myax confirmed: “I have a big energy from my body thanks to the sports I do, in particular, Karate”.

He also told us about the strategy they had during the tournament, “When the opponents started to get tired, we showed our big energy” said Myax who danced against Loony Boy at the final round of the 3vs3 final, where his energy and freshness played an important role on the result.

The full interview with Myax is available on our facebook page.


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