Mexico TOP16 Preview

Flyer of TOP16 Mexico 2018

Just a couple of weeks separate us from the 3rd Edition of Mexico TOP16 Electro dance Championship.

The contest will take place in Mexico City the 10th of February and is one of the most attended event of 2018 in the Electro world calendar. YakFilms confirmed his presence as video-maker for this occasion.

February 9th will be a day dedicated to the Workshops, with Rozen, Buzz, Johnny5 (TURFinc) and Moxtox who will teach to the e-dancers their skills inside the Estudio JL Dance S2do.

Workshops TOP16 2018
Workshops TOP16 Mexico 2018


Saturday 10th will take place the Championship, hundreds of electro dancers from all the Mexican states are expected to come for this event. During the past months were organized a lot of qualifying contest around the country, and here we have the duos and solos already advanced in the final stage of the contest:

2 vs. 2

– Omar & Bryan (Sinaloa)
– Scott & Fikze (Guanajuato)
– Topo & Christian (Tijuana)
– Cromo & manu (EdoMex)
– Balzac & Zeicker (CDMX)

1 vs. 1

– Edwick (Puebla) – Reign Champion of the TOP16 2nd Edition
– Yastus (Tijuana)
– Rediack (CDMX)
– Skyzon (EdoMex)
– Fleck (Cuernavaca)
– Liche ( Culiacan)
– Vacnor (Puebla)

These are the dancers already qualified, all the others will make a big preselection the day of the Championship.


The judges table for TOP16 this year will see three important exponents of the Mexican e-culture. Starting from Peko (Dem Revelz), a piece of history for Mexico, winners of many contest during the Dem Revelz golden era, then we have Buzz, fresh winner of the Team vs Team 2017 with his crew Dirty Vision and also Rozen from 8Beats dance school, the organizer of Electro Dance Camp and former winner of Vertifight World Championship with 8PEM in 2015.

TOP16 MEXICO 2v2 2018
Jury of TOP16 MEXICO 2018

For more info about the event: will keep an high coverage of the event with updates, photos and videos during all the day.


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