Tempers flared after France/Spain tournaments

Nico during a battle in King of Beat 2018
Nico (Rootless Crew) during a battle in King of Beat 2018

Following the result of over two weeks ago in Barcelona and the publishment of the final’s video, the King of Beat results started to be discussed by all the Electro community.

Goku Vs. Nico was for sure a big battle for Electro, both for the history of these two dancers and for the level they demonstrated. With two votes out of three, the Frenchmen Goku won the trophy and some dancers, in particular, the defeated finalist, started to discuss the Jury’s verdict.

“I respect Goku for won both tournaments, you need constancy and sacrifice to do this, so here are my compliments for his results and thanks for dancing with the heart” told the Rootless’ eboy in a Facebook post. “My goal wasn’t to win but to share the voice and the vibe of Electro with all the people. Finding a context where is not worth the way to dance Electro, where the history of this dance is not supported and nor shared, let me think a lot about it.”

What Nico is questioning is the judge’s criteria in Electro movement, a hard piece of the puzzle always discussed but never materialised in the first ten years of the culture. “My appeal is to understand under which criteria you can evaluate Electro?” told the Italian.

Fast and clear the answer by one of the judges, Miel: “Accept the defeat. We already discussed it, don’t force the polemic,” said the Alliance Crew eboy, who already had an intense talk with Nico just seconds after the verdict in Barcelona.

Exclusive video of Nico-Miel debate after KOB

Nico’s full post can be found here below

Also after Spear Tournament 8 some dancers had “issues” with Judges, and here you can find the answer by Milliard about this hot topic.

At the end of all these discussions, a question remains: “How we can judge Electro? is possible to standardize the judgement?”. 


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