“People will enjoy all the three days” – Interview with TAOW staff ahead of next week event

Nabil dancing at The Art Our Way tournament in Aosta

Less than ten days separate us from the third edition of The Art Our Way dance contest in Aosta. This year the event will bring the Electro dancers of all over the World in Italy for three days of activities from Workshops, Tournaments and Parties.

Electroisthefuture made an Interview with the organizer Staff of TAOW, composed by the Aosta Free Moves dance school key people: Zanna and Breg.

They had explained to us what they have done in the past months to organize this event and what they would like to achieve as organisers after these three days.

Just one week left to TAOW, third edition of this event. What are your expectations for this contest also considering the good number of registrations?

Our expectations are to give to the dancers of all the World three days full of music, fun and share of different cultures. We also care about our daily reality, our structure to many external people which don’t know what we directly do in our hometown for the dance.

Girl dancing in TAOW's first edition
Girl dancing in TAOW’s first edition

We are very satisfied with the strong answer from the dancers at the registrations. We have a lot more of foreign dancers after the good numbers of 2017 and we will also see for the first time in Aosta some Russian dancers.

Firstly you have been “visitors” and “competitors” in many International events such as Move&Prove or Vertifight World, now you are organizers: you found some ideas to put in your event or other things to not follow?

Certainly, on our trip to Russia, we got inspiration from the Singa’s idea to make three days full of parties, music and fun. That’s a thing we really appreciated to share together with all the e-dancers moments, united by the same passion. That’s why this year we have subdivided the weekend in three days with three different parties in three unique locations.

A picture from one Masterclass in Aosta Free Moves dance school
A picture from one Masterclass in Aosta Free Moves dance school

Another tip we kept from Move&Prove and LRC is the E-Queenz tournament, a female contest full of energy that we want to bring for the first time in Italy.

The jury formed by top-level dancers like Kyrra, Crazy and Samu mean TAOW want to place itself in the big European events panorama and it also demonstrates the commitment of Aosta Free Moves in the organization. How difficult is the preparation for this event and how much months of work you needed?

The day after the second edition of TAOW we started to work on this one because we want to make a giant leap in this third edition. In a week we will see the results of our job and we also hope to see continuous development for the next editions.

As we know, Aosta Free Moves is not just the working machine of TAOW, but it is mainly a Dance School. Now we are on the eve of a new academic assay for your company, track your conclusions on this School’s year, are you satisfied with the work done with your students during this year?

Being the first Electro dance school in Italy, the results we are achieving makes we proud of our business, because of the Electro still not very known in the dance panorama. To make this you need to concentrate time, devotion and passion.

Aosta Free Moves academic assay for the 2017/18 year
Aosta Free Moves academic assay for the 2017/18 year

Our main goal is to bring many people as possible in our home and make them enjoy the Electro, exactly as happened in France or Russia. We also would like to thanks Rootless Crew who gave us a big help in the past two years to carry on the Italian movement with their dance mind, sharing it also with our students during the masterclass staged in our School.

From left to right, Fru, Zanna and Breg of Aosta Free Moves and Nico from Rootless Crew
From left to right, Fru, Zanna and Breg of Aosta Free Moves and Nico from Rootless Crew

TAOW on Facebook
Aosta Free Moves on Facebook


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