Loony Boy speaks about TAOW and Russian e-girls

Loony Boy teaching Electro during his Masterclass in Aosta (Italy)
Loony Boy (first from right) teaching Electro during his Masterclass in Aosta (Italy)

Electroisthefuture got the chance to talk with the Russian dancer Loony Boy in the latest event in Aosta (Italy). In this little interview, the Moscow’s eboy spoke about his appearance in The Art Our Way and also the high-level reached by the Russian egirls, while Eva just won the TAOW E-Queenz.

“The event is more than participation, it’s cool, and I can say you should be here. It’s Magnifique”, Loony told us. Talking about the e-girls he instantly underlined his favourite one “for me the best egirl in the World for me is Pancha, she reached the TOP16 International in Saint Petersburg and battled against me, she got the musicality and the technique” said the Russian.

Loony Boy during TAOW's masterclasses
Loony Boy during TAOW’s masterclasses – photo by The Art Our Way

About his 1/4 finals against Simon, he respects the jury’s decision and explains: “I had a special strategy for this battle, while Simon was using his volume, I tried to do things on musicality technique”.

As the last question, we asked to Loony what’s his goal when he teaches Electro to other people: “I try to teach basic movements, and how starting from this basic you can make more specific movements, showing that you can make the same move, but in another way”, he answered.

You can find the full interview here below.


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