Electro Street takes their dance in Los Angeles this Saturday

Electro Street crew in Los Angeles

The French crew Electro Street will have the chance to deliver an Electro dance Workshop in the Californian city of Los Angeles this weekend.

On Saturday 4th August, Taylor Chateau aka Taylor Kastle, Mamadou Bathily aka Bats, Alou Sidibé aka Kyrra, Romain Guillermic aka Skips and Adrien Sissoko alias Fiasco will teach Electro basics and some choreographed combos before a Jam session at The Sweat Spot dance studio in Los Angeles (USA).

Here the manifesto for this workshop: “Electro Street will be introducing the art of Electro Dance to Los Angeles. First, we will give a brief history to the students about where and when it was created, by whom, and how it has evolved to present day. We will teach several basics of electro dance, then work on a few choreographed combos and finish with a Jam session all together !” (Source: The Sweat Spot Online)

If you are in L.A. this weekend, you can sign-up for this Workshops directly here. For more info, we invite you to visit The Sweat Spot facebook page and the official event.

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The Electro Street crew
The Electro Street crew



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