Electro and its loud heritage

Treaxy - Saint Petersburg 2014
Treaxy in Saint Petersburg at Move&Prove event in 2014

In an excellent article published by the French website Nova, the famous and loud heritage of Electro dance it’s perfectly underlined. From the beginning of the “clubbing” era at Metropolis until today’s events, key people like Alexandre Barouzdin (co-founder of Tecktonik brand), Treaxy and Milliard explain in this interview the crucial steps of our movement. 

The Metropolis club in Paris

Starting with the first Tecktonik Killer parties in France, “At the time, the Tecktonik was just that: a night event that brings together the young people of Val-De-Marne (the area were Metropolis was located) and the surrounding area”, told A. Barouzdin. 

The keys of these nights were the rise of Hardstyle music and the dancers, in fact, the original e-boys,  playing with the neon lights. “At the time of the Metropolis we wore neon gaiters, and we had fun with the black light to do like bolas, making circular movements to draw in our space,” Treaxy said to Nova. As a rock star, the French electro dancer has been invited on the dancefloors of many French clubs: “For three good years, I have travelled France long and wide. We were in all the clubs of France! “ he explained.

Treaxy now and then at Tecktonik’s times

In 2007, the success of the Tecktonik’s parties prompted its organisers, Alexandre Barouzdin and Cyril Blanc, to deposit the Tecktonik brand, making clothes, logo and derivates. In the same here, the unexpected happened: the dancers started to upload videos on Dailymotion and Youtube instead of their social’s beginnings in MSN and Skyblog and they all the entourage of Tecktonik and the newborn Electro community experienced their virality phenomenon.

“We did not understand anything that was going on,”  told Alexandre, about the unexpected popularity on the first social-medias. 

“Electro it’s a dance that’s more style-based, The Metropolis dancers came in the Electro, and brought back their movements,” underlines Jimmy Medina, aka Milliard in this interview.

 French electro dancers during the transition between clubbing and battles era

The last question of Nova’s reportage is about Electro becoming the heritage of Tecktonik parties. They say: “If the mark and the Tecktonik parties are gone, the movements it helped to create, continue to influence electro dancers around the world. As if this movement, to continue and remember its origins, had to distance itself from the spotlight that, a long time ago, helped it to bring itself to light.”

You can find the full interview in French language here.

Also a video reportage is available here below thanks to Streetiz.


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