Videos from LRC x Fusion Concept available online

LRC Main Event at Fusion Concept 2018 - photo by BSMK
LRC Main Event at Fusion Concept 2018 - photo by BSMK

The videos from the LRC Main Event at Fusion Concept 2018 are finally available on YouTube. The event organised in August, saw a lot of guest battles between Electro dancers and also Electro vs. Hip Hop.

Here a short selection of the best ones.

All the clips are made and edited by Streetiz, who realises lots of videos for the Electro community, also some with the e-boy Xavi (who danced in the Fusion Concept event against Simon from Rootless). Here you can see the short video with the Mexican.

And here the battle Xavi vs. Simon

Sadly, the most waited battle between Miel (Alliance) and Nico (Rootless) was cancelled due to “logistics issues” during the event. 

For all the other battles not mentioned here, you can see the full list directly on the Jimmy Medina’s official YouTube channel

Next big Life’s Round Contest concept will be the LRC World Festival from 26th to 28th October, of course in Paris.


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