From battles to the professional environment, the story of e-boy Drew

Drew - Italian eboy who recently started a professional dance career
Drew - Italian eboy who recently started a professional dance career

Today talks to Drew, an Italian Electro dancer who started a professional dance career during this year. Across his words, you can find the mind of an original eboy who begins to live with his loved art.

About Drew

Drew, living in North Italy near Milan, started to dance Electro in the middle of the culture explosion between 2009 and 2010. Co-founding a crew with few more friends, the Marvel Crew, he competed in all the Italian major events like the Vertifight, collecting respectable results as crew (quarter-finals in 2010 and semifinal in 2012) and achieving a 1 vs. 1 win at 2014’s Vertifight Italia #19 in Aosta. He also made history for Italy’s movement, becoming the first Italian to win a contest abroad (in Greece, 2014). 

Since last time we saw you in a contest, you discovered a more professional and working aspect of your dance. How you lived these changes and what pushed yourself to make your talent your revenue source?
“It was a quite tricky path and first of all a long process. Initially, I lived it as a withdrawal from the comfort zone I had in the Electro environment, to leave everything behind and start from zero in a World were I am no-one. I chose this path because it was what I fell to do, I love the dance, it changed me inside and outside it is what I know to do best, and it gives me a lot of absolute satisfaction.”

Drew, eboy from Italy

Who are the people who helped you in this working progress?
“The people I should thank are three. The first is my contemporary dance teacher Anna Kolesarova: she started from the beginning to teach me everything regarding the professional side of the dance. From the presentation, the behaviour, etc.. The second is Stefano Cortinovis, my first Hip-Hop teacher: with him, I started to learn the other side of this work, the teaching side. I always attended his lessons in many different schools, first as a student, then as the assistant or sometimes as his substitute. The last one is Cisky: an artist who like me never had a real membership. For example, I always had difficulties to work without comparing me to the mass, exactly like him. It has been a great guru for me and to live a lot of moments together was a big help for myself, both in work situations and in street shows.”

Which are the most requested characteristics during a casting?
“In my opinion, are not required the skills or unique characteristics. During casting, I know that usually, the people who will judge me will not have clear ideas our a profile to follow. So, I try to adapt my dance to the environment I will find. Creativity, adaptive spirit and consciousness, this is what I keep in mind.”

Drew, eboy from Italy
Drew, eboy from Italy

According to you, how do the choreographers view Electro dance?
“I think Electro is well accept by lots of the people I worked with, it’s a fresh thing, entirely contemporary and everyone appreciated the elements of this dance. The key is to find an excellent way to arrive with Electro to someone who can realise something of really concrete for us in the future.”

How is a typical day for a professional dancer? How many hours do you dedicate to your dance?
“I try to schedule all the thing in the best way. My days are composed of physical training, strengthening and then training in the dance. Later, I spent my time to think about new projects and collaborations; I also develop a lot the social media side because it’s a big weapon for me and people who are trying to spread the voice of something new and different. Social media are a place without rules; you need to use your head and time in the right way.”

Rootless Crew for Red Bull Dance Your Style Italy 2018

Last June, you joined the Rootless Crew with a show in Milan. How is your experience with them?
“It was not easy, of course, but it started all well because we were euphoric and full of enthusiasm. For me was an honour to be part of an Electro team after years alone. I discovered again a lot of things that I forgot since the times of Marvel Crew, the group I co-founded and which has lately disappeared. Honestly, after the first weeks with Rootless, things started slowly to became problematic due to the different point of views. But, with the right time and other collaborations we reached a stability point for them and me. So, now we are starting to prepare new projects together, and soon you will know something about it.”


When we’ll see you again participating in a contest? And what kept you away from the battles in the last year?
“I reached a point of no return, where I didn’t feel myself at home in a battle. I had no satisfaction winning and no delusion in defeat. It was not enough for me to dance for an opponent or win, I want to dance to give something. I want to make art in all genres and levels, to transmit what I feel inside.”

“I discovered a World hugely big behind the dance and the battles are a tiny part of it. I want to see all this World, not just a piece. I do not exclude a comeback to the contests, but for the moment I can’t tell you when it will be.”


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