Electro Street achieve total domination in Move&Prove

From left to right, Treaxy, Skips, Goku, Taylor and Banzai
From left to right, Treaxy, Skips, Goku, Taylor and Banzai

The Electro Street crew won totally all the categories where they were registered in the 2018 Move&Prove International Finals.

Champions 3vs3 with Bats/Skips/Taylor winning on Rythmik (Cerizz/Fabien/Milliard), winner 1vs1 with Skips after the final vs. his team-mate Taylor and also the Fiasco’s victory in 1vs1 Total vs. the French-Japanese rising star Chiho.

Chiho, after the win in LRC also took an incredible achievement winning the Beginners category in Saint-Petersburg, what an incredible month for her. 

Impressive performance by the Mexican eboy Roman, the Guadalajara dancer lost in semi-final versus Skips after an extra round. Shocking battle the first one of Singa vs. the Paris’ Cypher champion Nico, the Russian won directly after the one minute round, leaving the Italian in the rare situation of being out of the tournament at the start. 

Nice show by the public of Move&Prove, in particular during 3vs3 when the team of E-Rave (with 2 kids involved) won the battle vs. CH/Myax/Singa. Myax also asked a 1000% vs. Skips, but due to logistic problems, and the request to do it after the tournament, there was not enough time to do it before the end of the day. 

This result in the Move&Prove showed a total dominance by the French Electro who won everything available, considering the all-France final in LRC World, has been a year of dominance for the born-country of Electro culture. 

Now, with few events left in December, the International arena of Electro dance closes the 2018 book.

Interviews and videos of the battles will be available in the next few days on our website.


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