Cities and dates, what the 2019 reserve for Electro?

Club Arena 3 in Greece will feature International judges
Club Arena 3 in Greece will feature International judges next 17th February

Are Winter holidays already a long time memories? School and work start to get you stressed and sick? No worries, the Electro dance events are coming back again, finally.

We already got an early preview of this year, thanks to the French event of LeMood Contest this month, but from February thing will start to get more serious.

Europe is in pole position for this 2019’s start. Spain and Greece seems very strong for this winter-end term: Electro 2v2 is taking place in the Spanish country the 10th of February before the KOB International on 20-30-31st March in Barcelona, in the Hellenic peninsula a 1v1 will be organized on February 17th, while another one is waiting for 7th April and the 3rd edition of Supreme Dance League is going to get out on May 5th. Unity Squad will set-up “The Pit 5” in Romania on Febuary 23rd, Saint Petersburg’s Chicked Flow week-long festival will come back in Summer on August 2-11th.

An also good schedule for Italy, with a 7toSmoke “I think House Dance” in the program for the next April 13th in Brescia, preceding the 4th TAOW International in Aosta Valley (4-5th May). France will also have a good appearance in the first half of this year with War of Gladiator and E-lines battle ready for the month of May, while other events are going to be officialised soon.

You can find info and dates on C4 Electro’s Facebook post.


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