The month of May is ready for new Electro events

Electro dance events are ready to open the doors of the Month of May. Starting with May 4th-5th with the Greek event Supreme Dance League and the Italian The Art Our Way.

Drew, one fo the judge in Supreme Dance League 2019.
Drew, one fo the judge in Supreme Dance League 2019.

In Thessaloniki (Greece) the jury will be composed of Drew, Baloo, Maria Filippidou and Manto.  In Aosta (Italy) will be Sale, Miel and Samu to seat as judges for the competition.
Info about Supreme Dance League here.

Info about TAOW here.

The Art Our Ways 2019 edition in Aosta.
The Art Our Ways 2019 edition in Aosta.

After these two events which will clash in the first weekend of May, France is ready for the big one: Only4Electro, on Sunday 12th the new concept born in Paris is going to be full of special guests with also, a special jury, formed by Milliard, Régis Truchy and Physs. Djs Bats and H flow, the last one will play the music for TAOW the week before.
Info about Only4Electro here.

We stay in France until the end of the month, with the Battle E-Lines to take place on 24-25th of May in Bordeaux. The first judge confirmed: Milliard from RK.
Info about E-Lines #3 here.


Battle E-Lines #3 in Bordeaux
Battle E-Lines #3 in Bordeaux


Then, other super-cool events are going to take place in June: Boma Mutu in Paris the 15th of June, Essence Culture in Colombia the 23rd of the same month. Also ChickedFlow camp is ready for the August’s event in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

A quick view of the next events is also available on our featured instagram’s stories.


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