Listening Electro voices and movement’s talks

5pooky in latest Roman's podcast on YouTube
5pooky in latest Roman's podcast on YouTube

Roman Zuikin, an Electro dancer living in Phuket (Thailand) started a couple of months ago a new project on YouTube. He set-up a collection of video-conference interviews were some Electro characters talked about their movement, their story and the crucial point of today’s dance issues in their countries.

Roman, already interviewed e-people like the Japanese e-girl Chiho who talked about her learning path in France, Doza from Canada who explained how Electro made himself a dancer and the difficulties of being an eboy in a city where you are practically alone, or Matte from Romania who talked about his many trips in the e-community and his projects as teacher in Timișoara and he also recently interviewed 5pooky from Guatemala.

In these podcasts, you can find a clear question & answer schedule between Roman and the dancer, something new in our community which can help everyone to better understand what is happening around our battles and activities, things that are easily overshadowed by the competition fever.

You can find the podcasts, right in this YouTube channel:

If you want to know more about Romain Zuiki story, here you can find his personal video presentation.

In the next weeks, will try to review all the single podcasts with some highlights of the main facts discussed. For the moment, have a nice watch!


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