There’s Electro applied to Figure Skating in Courmayeur

Figure Skating athletes in Courmayeur (Italy) adding Electro skills to their artistic performance

Sometimes we talked about Electro as a dance which can also be used by other dance styles to improve their performance, but today this concept took a totally different approach.

In Courmayeur (Italy), the Ice Skating Club needed something new to keep trained their young talents during the summer break, that’s why they looked to the Aosta Free Moves dance school.

Adrian Frunza teaching Electro basics to Figure Skating girls

So, Adrian Frunza aka eboy Fru, started weekly classes in their Courmayeur’s structure teaching to the Figure Skating athletes the basics Electro dance skills. The result is just like magic, the artistic movements of skating merged with the dynamic arms-movements of Electro.

Fru during TAOW 2018 in Aosta (Italy)

The Fru’s lessons will continue for all the summer, as this collaboration opens new doors in the Electro dance panorama for the future.

Fru on Instagram

Courmayeur Skating Club on Instagram

Here below you can see a “first try” during their Skating training session, it says “Trying to add some arms”.


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