LRC sets 1-2-3 November dates for 2019 World Festival

The 2019 Life’s Round Contest World Festival in Paris will take place on 1-2-3 November weekend.

Judges for the Electro contest will be totally International with Singa (Russia), Sale (Italy) and Rozen (Mexico), meanwhile, Soniaah to be the judge in the EQueenz after her multiple-wins in the category.

“Everybody wants him in judge, we realize it and it’s an honor“, told LRC staff about Singa, organizer of Move&Prove and big activist of the Electro scene, while they got strong words also for Sale as “one of the most successful dancers of the history of electro and a big traveler in the Electro World”, in fact the Turin-based eboy won championships in Italy, Spain, Russia and also reached the finals in last year LRC 1vs1. The French staff, also talked about Rozen, describing him as “creator of Electro Dance Camp in Mexico, one of the biggest activist in a world and create a new generation in this country, OG of our culture, and a unique style dance with those own movements” for the winner of 2015 World Vertifight with 8PEM crew.

The Italian eboy Armee is set to be the Electro Dj for all the event.

A KOB 2vs2 Electro and 1vs1 Beginners qualification round will also take place on the Saturday, in the eve of the 2019 LRC Finals. KOB is a Spanish contest from Barcelona, organized by ElectroHope association, the duo winner of Paris’ qualifying round will win a ticket to Spain.

In addition to the Electro part, the LRC organization also announced Ness, Kefton, and Jamsy as Allstyle judges, with Nep and Zeenom as DJs.

For any info about LRC World Festival 2019, have a look to their Facebook event.


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